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American Shorthair Cattery

Pam Maddox and Erin Russell are breeding partners and have been working together for the past few years to create the most outstanding examples of the  American Shorthair breed. Currently specializing in: Classic Silver Tabbies, Blue Silvers, Silver with White, and Brown Classic Tabbies. Occasionally other colors pop up!

The catteries are small family centered and located near Anniston, AL. By working together we are able to keep fewer cats, which makes them happier and healthier. Our family is dedicated to raising, improving, and bringing awareness to our favorite breed- the American Shorthair Cat. We are focused on keeping the breed pure, and making healthy, hearty, loving cats that meet or exceed the breed standard for the American Shorthair. Currently we are focused on breeding and showing the Silver Classic Tabby, which is the most popular and flashiest of the American colors.

 Our main objective is to produce show quality cats that illuminate the time honored traits that American Shorthair Cats are treasured for. To reach this goal we work together and with other catteries throughout the World to enhance the quality of all our cats. As a result our cats are agile, loving, and superior hunters.

Our kittens are raised “under foot” to ensure that they receive all the love and affection to create the most well adjusted, outgoing, and friendly cats as possible. This means they are born in our bedroom and receive constant attention from all of us. Once they are big enough they have free run of the house. We do not cage our kittens. See "
Our Policies".



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